The Party Wall Agreement Isn’t All Fun and Games

Before jumping into the purchase of a duplex, there are some legal issues that you’ll want to consider. Many are unaware that duplex living is akin to living in a condo, and there are certain agreements that should jointly agreed upon, and on paper, before you sign the dotted line.

Duplexes have become more and more popular as they are a great way to afford the luxuries of home ownership without becoming totally housebroke. Generally much more affordable than the average single family home of equivalent square footage, the duplex appeals especially to young families and to couples looking to get into the market. But like any “great deal” there’s a flip side that should not be overlooked.

To begin with, you’re entering into ownership beside a neighbor, a very close neighbor in fact. So close, is your neighbor that you’ll share a wall that divides your respective homes. The part of duplex living and ownership that is similar to that of a condo, is the legally binding agreement called, “The Party Wall Agreement”. No, this is not only there so you can mutually decide on who’s having parties, and when. Although, it may delineate acceptable noise levels for your prospective parties. But, what it really is, is a sort of home association for a party of two.

The Party Wall agreement, will cover how the two sides of ownership will deal with shared expenses such as insurance, structural issues, including roof upkeep and replacement, foundation and shared utility service lines. It may also include routine maintenance and address stylistic and architectural issues such as the exterior look of the home, and the construction of other improvements such as fences and sheds.

Consider that before purchasing a duplex you are entitled to peruse the already existing party agreement and to enter into negotiations to make amendments, if necessary. If this is the duplex owner’s first time selling one half of the duplex, you might want to have, “negotiating a party-wall agreement” as one of your offer’s subjects. Note that down the line, should one duplex owner break the rules, the other owner is technically protected by the agreement and can put a lien on the other’s properties in order to collect funds, if need be.

Of course, you can have the world’s best legal documents, but if your uber close neighbor is a “not- so-nice” person, well then you’re likely to have problems. This being said, just as in a condo development, if you can meet with you’re fellow neighbor, and get a sense of who they are, and what kind of life they lead, it may give you more insight into whether or not you’ll want to live close to them, and enter into a legal agreement with them. The flip side, is of course nothing but the agreement can really protect you. Seemingly great people, can turn out to be terrible neighbors. Not to be a kill joy here, but if you’re considering purchasing a duplex, keep in mind the true dual nature of ownership you’re entering into. It can be a wonderful investment so long as you collectively set the appropriate rules to make it so.

Fun Pet Games – The Ultimate Experience For Animal Lovers!

Are you an animal lover? Have you always dreamed of having your own pet? Nowadays, all you have to do in order to raise your own cute pet is downloading some fun pet games!

Pet games are games in which you take care of your own pet – whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bunny or any other animal. These games can give you the ultimate experience of raising your own pet and taking care of it from A to Z. In these games you will get to feed, dress, wash and play with your pet, and slowly you will develop a connection to it that does not shame a real-life connection.

That kind of games is very popular nowadays, and there are several reasons to that:

1. You can have your own dog/cat and not pay money for it. There are many free games out there in which you can do simply everything and buy any virtual thing you’d like without paying any money. While some games cost money or offer in-app purchases, there are many other games that are completely free of charge and even the finest items in them can be purchased without spending real money. Everyone knows that owning a pet is not a cheap business, so these games definitely save your money.

2. There is no mess or dirt caused when raising a virtual pet. While in real life a pet can cause much mess and destruction from time to time, when you have a virtual dog or cat, your house stays completely clean. Right, they can mess up your virtual home, but let’s admit – it’s not the same.

3. Not everyone can take care of a pet in real life. There are many fun pet games that offer this experience without the obligation to always be available for your pet. Some people work long hours or are traveling abroad often, and obviously they can’t have an animal that depends on them at home. For that kind of people, having a virtual pet is the ultimate solution. No need to be around all the time, no need to actually buy food or toys, and no need to go out for long walks outside.

Where Can I Find Fun Pet Games?

You can find them everywhere online – you can use search engines, Play Store search or App Store search. It’s very easy to find that kind of games, and there are even websites that will give you game recommendations that match your exact needs and desires.

Health-Fitness Articles Can Be Useful

It’s one of the great ironies of modern living that although there seems to be a raging epidemic of obesity and its terrible twin sisters: heart disease and diabetes, we are ever more obsessed with the whole subject of keeping fit. But then again perhaps it’s not so ironic after all. In our grandparent’s day, there was a lot more physical hard work to do. Labor saving devices that we take for granted these days were not available and what’s more, people tended to die at a younger age in those days from infectious diseases. Hence our modern concern with keeping in shape and reading the ever growing numbers of health and fitness articles that seem to be available on the magazine racks of our local stores.I have to say however, that looking at the covers of some of the more popular health and fitness publications does tend to dampen my enthusiasm. The people featured on those covers seem to be from another planet inhabited by the toned, the muscular and the incredibly beautiful. If you don’t allow yourself to be put off however, and take a look at some of the health and fitness articles inside the magazines you are sure to pick up some really useful tips on how to get ahead in your quest for a better life style.Here are a few of the more important tips that I’ve gleaned from having read countless numbers of health and fitness articles over the years. Perhaps the most important thing to take into account, according to the fitness experts, is be careful. Yes it sounds a bit boring, but if you are going to take on any fitness regime, make sure to get the go ahead from your doctor if you have any prior medical condition.Always start your new exercise regime in a gentle, easygoing fashion. After all, it takes time for your body to adapt, especially if you are not that fit to begin with. Talk about boredom: now isn’t that just one of the greatest problems when it comes to exercising? But here’s a great tip: only choose a form of exercise which gives you some real personal satisfaction if you are to avoid getting fed up and end up giving up the whole thing after a few days. Try and set yourself some modest goals and the sheer satisfaction of achieving something will ensure you keep going.There’s been an explosion in the numbers of health and fitness articles, books and T.V. shows in recent years. Perhaps it would be easy to be cynical about all this and assume that it’s just another money-making racket. But, I must admit I’ve found some great gems of information which have been of real benefit over the years. So get going with your new fitter way of living and who knows? You may well end up looking like one of those toned models on the cover of a health and fitness magazine.